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Another doodle.

it looks like
two Buddhist monks

Holy Buddha.

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Today I went to
Kyousai Kawanabe’s exhibition again.

I went there because
I wanted to see some of his works again
especially a big one,
“Kawanabe Kyousai Theatre Curtain of the Shintomi”
(Unfortunately there’s no big image in the site.
Copy and paste this Japanese texts within
the quotation marks, then google it.
“河鍋暁斎 新富座妖怪引幕”
You might be able to find some images of it)

Kyousai Kawanabe is indeed
an interesting artist.
I love him so much.

Again, here is the link to Wiki.


Actually his spooky drawings are
really crazy.
(BTW, I love his more ordinary paintings
rather than spooky artworks)

Google, “Kyousai nuribotoke” and
“Kyousai Muramatsu in Foreground from Genroku Yamato Nishiki”.
They ARE totally gross.


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I made a reading glasses.

OK, yes, yes, yes.

Now officially you can
call me grandpa.

I know.


I am short-sighted basically
(I am not talking about my
perspective view towards my life
here, of course).

Then, my presbyopic eyes kicked in
and things got bit complicated.

With my glasses I usually wear,
I can’t see things within 50cm away.

It’s because of aging, yes.

Then, without my glasses,
I can’t see things more than 50cm away.

Getting aged,
suddenly an air pocket like space manifested
which I can’t see neither with glasses nor without glasses.

This was very annoying.

So, I made this glasses.



Wearing this glasses, things……don’t look……….clear at all actually LOL.

It’s because this is the glasses to cover only my 50cm range.

To work, yes, it’s convenient.
But, for everyday life, it’s……not convenient at all.

It’s just like the view from my old unaided eyes:
Simply my usual short-sighted view without glasses and presbyopia.



At school, did someone teach me about
this would happen when I get older?

Hell no!

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