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NEW DOJINSHI is coming.

The title is,

“TEACHER AND YAKUZA (Kyoushi to Yakuza)”.


Minamoto-sensei, Sugajima-sensei and I
made this book.

All of three manga has the same theme,

“teacher and yakuza”.

And the result is…….wow.

Three of us drew totally different manga.


Minamoto-sensei’s manga
has the dark erotic feeling.
It’s about ex-student and ex-teacher and
their totally twisted relationship.

On the other hand, Sugajima-sensei’s manga
is a romantic comedy manga.
It’s about a teacher visiting his student home and
met his guardian, a good looking
mature hot steamy sexy daddy.

And my manga.
A bad yakuza guy gets punished by a PE teacher.


Well…..gets beat up, nut-shot, groaning,
rolling in pain, forced and the yakuza guy’s cherry pops!


Now you can book the dojinshi
at my online store, BOOTH.


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While I’m working,
I’ve been listening
“natural sound audio”.

I know lots of people
would say, “Who the hell
would listen such audio!?”


It’s me.
I’m weirdo.


The sound of water flow.
The sound of wave.

Something like that.

They don’t bother my work
and help me to concentrate.


Those links are to the audio tracks
recorded the nature sound in


Also, especially during summer,
I LOVE the sound of “SUIKINKUTSU”
(I think I wrote about this before).


“Nature Sound, KUMANO-KODOU”
“Nature Sound Gallery, SHIRAKAMI-SANCHI”
“Nature Sound Gallery, OIRASE”
“Victor Twin Best, SUIKINKUTSU”

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Another panel from
new manga I’m working on
right now.

I love the images of
the guys holding crotch.

Yes, I love.


A Judo guy
with long hair.

Mmmmmm, cute!!!!




My digital manga
about 4 jocks having wild fun
party night, “WHO IS THE KING?”,
is now available for digital distribution
at the online store, BOOTH.

“WHO IS THE KING!?” now available
for digital distribution at the online store, BOOTH.

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