2018 年 3 月 22 日 Comments off

Yesterday, I joined “Improvisation” seminar
which is a kind of communication skill seminar
based on “Improvisational theater” techniques.

Well, simply, that was the seminar that teaches
communication skills. Ha!

No, I was not trying to become an actor.
I just wanted to experience something new.

I’ve been working as a manga creator.
All the things I face everyday is somehow
for my manga projects.

Reading books, watching movies,
listening to music,
for me, these things are just to create
new manga.

Then, I just thought,
“OK! I should do something else!
Something else that I don’t do usually.
Something I think irrelevant
to my life”.

So I joined the seminar.

It was just a small 2 hours session though,
quite fun and new.
I enjoyed it. :))



Today’s doodle. From my sketch for new manga.
Please look forward! :))

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2018 年 3 月 20 日 Comments off

Today’s doodle.

I love drawing these mysterious (?) poses
since it’s fun :))

I’ve been using a running machine.

Yeah……it’s because of my age.

I need to think about my health.


Running for 30 minutes.

I wonder how other people are killing that time.

I saw some people watching TV, listening music or reading magazines.


It doesn’t work for me.

I get bored.

I need to find out a solution for this.

I really need to.


I got a circle space at Kemoket 2018 (on 30th, April).
When more detailed info becomes available, I’m going to write about it here.

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2018 年 3 月 19 日 Comments off

I’m looking for “Cherry Water”(さくらんぼ水).

It’s a beverage of cherry flavored natural water.

I saw it at shop last year,

but not this year.

I guess it’s gone.

It seems there’s another product, “Litchee and Cherry Water”.

No, no, no, I just want that “Cherry Water”.

It’s really hard to tell the difference of the taste between “Cherry Water” and “Peach Water”.

I guess that’s the reason why it’s gone.

Hmmmm, “Cherry Water”.

I feel somehow bit naughty from the word *grins*


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