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Here is the site of the artist
I accidentally found.

He’s making beautiful
Male-male love 3DCG images
using DAZStudio (or maybe Poser?).

His name is
Priapus of Milet.

I looked for the info
more about him though,
I couldn’t find any specific

His images are elaborately
composed and beautifully rendered.
Also each series has
stories and it’s really fun.

Also here is the link to
another site where Priapus’
works are collected
and assembled by each storyline.

It seems that he started
from ready-made photo image
collage and then started using
3DCG to create his art.

It’s very interesting to see
the transition of other artists.

Here is the link to
his animation series,
“The 7th Circle” is amazing.

I really wonder
how long did it take for him
to create that animation.


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Yes, I’ve been working on
Kemono manga for
Kemoket on 30th.

I’m crossing my fingers.


What else could I do????

Here is the panels I’m working on
right now.

I love wolf!

I love, wolf, tiger, shiba-dog and

Those are my favorite Kemonos.

Well, I’m not satisfied with
the right arm of that wolf in the panel.
I’m going to fix it
as well as reviewing the composition.

Drawing, checking, fixing, and fixing again.

That’s the drawing process of my manga.

It takes ages and ages.

Yes, I swear.

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Huh, the title says it all.

Bottom daddy.

Mmmmmm, bottom daddy.

Here are some variations of
the doodle.

This composition is
my favorite as I can see
his helpless face,
his dick,
his ass,
and the dick of someone
who is fucking him.

Gosh, I should use much
more polite words.

Well, I like this composition
because I can see
his helpless face,
his willie,
his bum,
and the genital of someone
who is penetrating him
at the same time.


(Moreover, I have slight British
accent when I speak in English.
That’s a bit unusual for Japanese.
The most of them do speak
American English.
Then, just imagine me speaking
that sentence with slight awkward
British accent.
How funny is that????)


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