I drew the cover illustration of gay manga anthology dojinshi, “Otoko-Matsuri”.
When I drew it, I didn’t have any ideas of how I’d like to draw, “Yagura”.
“Yagura” is a bandstand tower behind the scene that is erected for traditional Japanese festival such as Bon Festival.

Then, I decided to build one in 3D using Blender based on actual engineering plan.

Here is how it looks like in Blender.


Actually accumulating the numeric info took a while though, the actual building process took only less than 3 hours. I didn’t have to create the texture for the object. I think that saved a lot of time. Also, to make it more appealing in the illustration, I modified its height and small details.

Here is just a rough rendering of the tower in Blender.


Creating 3D objects is indeed fun!

You can pre-order the book, “Otoko-Matsuri”, at Rainbow Shoppers. (The book will be available after Dec. 30th, 2016)