2010 年 3 月 11 日


KAZ (Kazuhide Ichikawa)

Japanese gay manga artist.
His style is various from young athletes and bears to chubby middle-aged Japanese “salary-man (businessperson)”
His manga appears on Japanese gay magazines, G-men, G-BLESS, SM-Z and Badi.
If you have some projects that I can work on, please contact me at anytime.

Published manga books;
“Natsu-No-Kappa (The Summer with my Water Elf)”
ISBN-10: 4892363278
ISBN-13: 978-4892363276

“Otoko-Gi (Macho!)”
ISBN-10: 4892363731
ISBN-13: 978-4892363733

“Kachiiro-No-Koi (Love as Samurai)”
ISBN-10: 4892364304
ISBN-13: 978-4892364303

Two or three more books are coming in 2010.

Published game;
“Inma-21-Sei (Incubus the 21st)”
available at Rainbowshoppers

Published digital illstration books;
“Inko-Kinro-Seinen 01 (Erotic Young Hard Workers 01)
“Inko-Kinro-Seinen 02 (Erotic Young Hard Workers 02)