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As I tweeted, I’d updated
my Patreon and PixivFanbox page.

New page of 8 pages manga,

Hypnotize a bad yakuza guy to
teach him a real lesson ;)






I’ve started PATREON.
I’m showing the backstage process of
my manga/illustration production.
Are you wondering how my manga/illustration is
created? Just come join and witness it!
For your convenience, all in English.

Here is Japanese version of PATREON,
My posts are both in Japanese and English.

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Here is my drawing
for this week’s
One Hour Drawing Challenge.

Subject was,

Nordic pattern.


Then, I saw a suite
with Nordic pattern
on the Net.

After that,
all I could think about
was Nordic pattern suite!LOL



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To purchase printed manga, there’s
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On 21st, the final issue of a Japanese gay magazine, Badi, was released.

I had drawn gay manga for Badi for really a long time.
Maybe, more than 20 years.

Because of Badi, I’d started drawing gay manga more seriously.
Because of Badi, I found the gay manga creator as a choice of my life career.

When Badi came out on the magazine, it was totally an epoch making, sensational.
Before that, gay contents was mostly all about porn, sometimes often pessimistic.
However, Badi was launched as a new type of a gay magazine in 1990’s to depict the gay life as a positive, proactive, life style that we, us, gay, can enjoy.

Lots of things had changed in Japan in 90’s.
The one of the big change was that the younger generation (including me. I WAS young at that time LOL) in Japan started seeking for the way to enjoy their own life instead of how the society expected them to become.
So as younger generation of gay people in Japan, too.
Based on this social change, Badi was introduced to the market.


Basically the amount of manga page has a rule and is limited.
8 pages manga, 16 pages manga, 24 pages, 32 pages, then 36, 40….
What we can depict in 8 page manga is quite limited.
Just a very short story or an essay.
16 pages manga can contain a bit complicated story, but not that complicated.
24 pages is the first durable amount for a manga with a one single story.
(Here, I’m just talking about the story making method of Manga, not western comic).

Before Badi had arrived, it was difficult to provide large amount of pages for gay manga in a Japanese gay magazine because it was not a magazine especially for gay manga.
Usually it’s 8 pages per single gay manga. 16 pages is really a great amount. Serial gay manga was far beyond the imagination for the average gay manga creators.

Badi was different. When it was launched, the situation was just the same as before. However, because of the effort lots of people made for the magazine, because of the time when paper publication was still sold well in 90s, things had changed, Badi started providing 24 pages for a single gay manga.

It was a big change for Japanese gay manga.

For the grass root level gay manga creators like me in Japan finally obtained the proper page amount to create a decent story manga. At the same time, it was the beginning when a gay manga creator became a possible job even for the average creators that could make, yet very small amount, but certain amount of money to support their life.
(Well, again, here I’m not talking about gay dojinshi, gay independent manga, because it would lead to another different topic).


I have a funny story.

When Badi began, I used to draw 8 pages manga. It’s all because of the situation of the gay publication in general I mentioned previously.
The editor also told me,

“Sorry, right now, we can give you only 8 pages for a gay manga. 16 pages or 24 pages? No, unfortunately.”

One day, about 6 months later, I saw the other gay manga creators started drawing 24 pages manga on Badi.
It was a big surprise. Then, I asked the editor again if I could draw 24 pages gay manga.
Then he said,

“Oh, I thought you just love 8 pages manga style. I was always wondering why you don’t draw 16 pages or 24 pages gay manga! I simply thought you just don’t like 24 pages manga style LOL”

I swear he was not doing that on purpose. It was 1990s and the sales of the magazine was rapidly increasing. The total page of the magazine was drastically changed, for better. As a result, finally extra pages for gay manga became available.


Since I was allowed to draw 24 pages manga for Badi, I’d started drawing so many “funny” gay manga.


A comedy about the god who hunts “phallus energy” from young rugby jocks.
Sci-fi manga in which two giant robots fight over a gay pride parade.
Two drag queens seriously battle for the leading star of a stage at a recreational event at a nursery home.
Horror mystery with magic and supernatural phenomenon.
Such and such.


Very…experimental, let’s say……

The reason why I tried those was quite simple.

No matter how I try to be optimistic, this worlds is really harsh on gay.
At any moment, someone would start saying,

“We don’t like gay. Gay people are not productive. They destroy our tradition. They are just harmful for our society.
Therefore we would be happy to slaughter all of gay people from this world.”

Our life is always just on the surface of very thin ice.

Then, I didn’t want become one of something for them in their story, on their stage.
I wanted to become the one to create a story for myself, create a stage for myself, to enjoy my life.
I wanted create the manga by myself and for myself.
I wanted to enjoy my life with the story for myself, not for them.

(However, it seems my idea was not well perceived for my older friends in those days because manga was not a serious media for them. I guess that was mostly a kind of generation thing).

Anyway, then, fortunately, Badi accepted what I wanted to do as my kind of gay manga.
I’m sure they must have had a difficult time to accept it, but, generously they tried.

When I visited the editorial department (at that time, digital publishing was just in the early days. I couldn’t send the digital data of my manga via email because the file size was too big. Can you believe that??? LOL), some editors often came up to me and said,

“I enjoyed your manga. I’m looking forward to reading the next one.”
“For some people, it might be bit difficult to understand what you’re trying to do, but I’m always on your side.”

Something like that.
Because of those support from them, I could keep on drawing gay manga on Badi.

As a result, I also won the most popular gay manga creator position in the popularity vote on the magazine, too.

It was all because of those people who supported me and tried so hard to understand what I wanted to do. That was indeed our gay magazine, Badi. I could say it was old good days, but definitely it was more than that.


Badi had a copy for itself at its early days.




The copy was on the cover of the magazine and I liked it.
We all knew gay life is not so easy.
Most of the time it’s very tough, but we need to dream bright tomorrow.
If what you could think about was just about miserable today, nobody could have hope for the next day. Also, you could be productive thinking about what we don’t have right now and what should be changed.
To take off to fly in the wide sky, you need to think about the bright future, the future you would be able to enjoy.
Therefore, I liked the copy.


After all, Badi gave me the future of what I am now.
I’ve been drawing gay manga.
I am still drawing it.
AND surely I will be, too.
It’s because that’s the promise I made for myself.

I won’t say good-bye to Badi because it would be just the end of the paper printed version of the magazine (they said they don’t have a plan to keep on doing digitally in the future though…).
Instead, I’ll say loudly to the magazine,


“See you around!”


endlessly waving my hands so big.




I’ve started PATREON.
I’m showing the backstage process of
my manga/illustration production.
Are you wondering how my manga/illustration is
created? Just come join and witness it!
For your convenience, all in English.

Here is Japanese version of PATREON,
My posts are both in Japanese and English.

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