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I went to “Enoshima” today.

Enoshima is a small island
located south of Tokyo.

From Tokyo, it’s about an hour
train ride. Not too far.

Enoshima has a shirine of “Benzai-ten”
who is the goddess of dance, music and

Therefore, Enoshima island is one of my
favorite places. I often visit there to pray.

Today, I tweeted showing some photos I took
while I was walking around Enoshima island.

Here, I put those images I tweeted together
with some explanations
about the location on the island for those people
who might be interested in visiting the island someday.



A while ago, Enoshima island was
so popular among Pokemon-Go players
because there were rare Pokemon were around.


Now I can tall so many people would like to
visit that island.


Here is the map of the island.

Today I started from,

Katase Enoshima St.,
Enoshima Benten bridge,
Red Torii gate,
Hentsu-no-miya shrine,
Nakatsu-no-miya shirine,
Cocking garden and “Sea Candle” view tower,
Enoshima-daishi temple,
Okutsu-no-miya shirine

and came back.

I didn’t go to Iwaya cave because it’s been
closed since a big typhoon hit last year around this area.


Anyway. Here is the photo of the station.

Katase Enoshima St.

The design of the station is very unique.

Though lots of people would think
that design is based on the traditional
Japanese “samurai” style.


It’s Chinese style architecture.

Why? Why Chinese style.

Huh, there’s a reason but it will take long.
So I won’t explain here.


Enoshima island

This is the photo image of Enoshima island
from Enoshima Benten bridge.

Photo from Enoshima Benten bridge towards West

Again another photo from the bridge
facing to West. Often you can see Mt. Fuji
from here. Well, but not today.

Promenade toward the gate

The photo of the promenade
towards the gate.

There are lots of souvenir shops
along side. There even is a “Hello Kitty”
souvenir shop, too.


Red Torii gate

Red Torii gate is the entrance
of Enoshima shrine.

Enoshima shrine is actually a
configuration of three different
shrines, Hentsu-no-miya shrine,
Nakatsu-no-miya shrine, Okutsu-no-miya shrine.

There’s a long stairway to the first shrine,
Hentsu-no-miya shrine.

There’s a way to skip the stairway,
but I won’t explain it here because it’ll take long (AGAIN).

It’s just so troublesome to write in English
especially when it’s not your mother tongue.


Stairway to Hentsu-no-miya shrine

On right side of the image,
there’s a monument of
Sugiyama kengyo.

He was a person from 17th century.
He developed Japanese style acupuncture
as well as opening a school for blind people
to learn about Japanese style acupuncture.
The objective of the school was to
to give the optically challenging people a chance
to live financially independent life
using that skill.

In 17th century.





This is Chozuya where you wash your hands
before praying.


Hentsu-no-miya shrine

Here is the image of Hentsu-no-miya shrine.
There is a octagonal shape shrine
where you can see the statues of Benzaiten goddess.


Nakatsu-no-miya shrine

This is the second shrine of Enoshima shrines,
Nakatsu-no-imya shrine.

On the left side of the image,
there is a small tiny spring of “Suikinkutsu (water harp)”
where you can enjoy the quiet sound
of “water harp”.



A French toast cafe in Cocking garden

“Sea Candle” view tower in Cocking garden


Those are the photos of Cocking garden
which is located on very top of Enoshima island.

Cocking garden was used to be a garden
owned by Samuel Cocking from UK in 19th century.


View from the tower towards South

View from the tower towards North

View from the tower towards North West



Kawasaki-daishi temple

Kawasaki-daishi temple.
Because of its relatively new looking building,
it seems lots of people think this would be a building
for a private organization, but actually not.

There was an old temple before on this island,
but it’s closed due to some political chaos happened
during Meiji period (late 19th century).

Then the temple was built again here in 1990s.

Anybody can get in the temple and pray like the other temples.


On the way to Okutsu-no-miya shrine view towards Ohshima island

Here is a view on the way to Okutsu-no-miya shrine.

Okutsu-no-miya shrine

Here is today’s final destination, Okutsu-no-miya shrine.

Another long stairway to Iwaya cave

After Okutsu-no-miya shrine, there’s another
long stairway to Iwaya cave.

It’s really a steep stairsteps.
Because, as I mentioned first, the cave is closed,
I didn’t need to be bothered by walking up and down this
hellish stairway today. Good grief LOL.


Well, that’s it.

It was a three hours trip for me,
but of course, at least, half a day trip is recommended
for this island.


By the way, as a test case, I’m going to make all of the photo images
in THIS post as CC0, public domain.

You can use those photo images for your own art projects for free.
No need to worry about copyright.

Just the photo images in THIS post!
Not anything more than that LOL.

Anyway, enjoy!

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Yesterday was Yarou Fest 2018.

I really had a great time this year, too.

So many people!

Crowd, crowd, and crowd.

Yarou Fest is definitely the event
for the people who are interested
in getting to know about
Japanese gay manga artists.

Thank you very much for
everyone coming to the event!

Hope to see you all at the next event!


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Here is the menu of
my manga available at
Yarou Fest 2018.

There will be two of my
new manga at the event.



Takumi (=Akira) has left Shigeru’s house.
Then, it seems he has decided something.
Yes, something.

It’s vol. 9 of Animal Synchronicity series.

Oh wow, it was indeed a while to release the new episode.



Two rough tough debt collectors fell in love,
but they can’t admit it!
“I’m not a homo! How could I be a f*gotto?????”
Yelling, shouting and denying,
their entangled angry-sex goes on!

As I wrote before, I was interested in
the study took place in USA about
straight guys having gay sex in rural areas.

Yes, sexuality is not only the matter of
biology. It also requires self-recognition and
social aspect, too.

I wanted to pick up that topic in this manga.

Those guys are having gay sex.
It seems even they’re enjoying it.
Moreover it seems they are feeling “love” between them,
but heterosexual idea of life is preventing them from
admitting it.

I wonder where their self-recognition will go after this actually.



For those people coming to the event
here is the link to the guide.
English text is also included.


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