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Another doodle.

The text on the T-shirt says, “Daddy’s Big Boobs” LOL.

Actually there IS the actual product for women.

Of course, the text on that product is different though.

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Recently I’ve been experimenting the 3DCG virtual photo application, “DAZStudio”.

Actually I’m a long time user of Poser.

DAZStudio(DS) and Poser are the quite similar software to provide “virtual pose figures” to support your drawing.

Basically they are the digital version of………this.

Anyway, here are the images I posted to my Twitter and Facebook.

It was quite interesting to receive some responses.

Though I modified the face and the shape of the figure, basically everything is the combination of the ready-made products.

Here is the link to the store, “DAZ3D Store”.


Since there are plenty of information and tutorials for DAZStudio in English, I don’t think I need to provide more details here.

If you’re interested in, simply try the software which is free.

Oh well, you would say, “WOW, everything in the store is so expensive!”.

Oh well, they do “SALES” everyday, every week, every month…..always.

I usually only buy more than 75% OFF priced items.

Though there are lots of tips for the shopping at this store, I’m not saying anything here.

For Japanese, since the information is really limited, I’m going to be very kind.

However for English speakers, the information is limitless. I don’t need to be kind.


(Just joking!)


Here is another sexy shot of the virtual DILF bear.


When I submitted those images to my Twitter and FB, I got quite positive responses.

“Wow, he’s sexy!”

“He’s hot!”

Something like that.




As a manga artist, it’s really hard for me to say, “Hey, this is my original artwork!”.

I got very complicated feeling LOL.


Anyway, it would be interesting to explore this media as another way to express myself.

Not always.

Only sometimes.


Well, maybe?????

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I signed up to participate in YAROU FEST 2018.

Here is my circle cut.

I’m looking forward the event!

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