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I made the original Ema for Kemoket (May 6th).

Ema is a picture tablet which we offer to a shrine or temple
when we pray for something.
As the new manga, “Enmusubi no Kami-sama to issho (IN LOVE WITH MY KEMONO GOD)” is about god of marriage, contract and encounter, I designed this Ema wishing for everyone’s good luck!
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2017 年 3 月 30 日 Comments off

Hello folks,
I’ve just started “Enty”. Enty is a kind of Japanese version of “Patrion”. It’s to support creators and their creativity.

I’m offering some courses for my Enty page. To let me keep on creating new manga, your support is deeply appreciated.



-500yen Course (roughly US$5 per month)
One R-18 illustration per month with a short story (in Japanese). Also I’m going to post some other rough sketches and bits of the manga I’m currently working on. The illustration with the short story would be open for public after 3 months.

-1000yen Course (roughly US$10 per month)
You can enjoy all of the contents for 500 yen course. WITH, one illustration calender per month (the calender will start from 2017 April. It means you’ll get May 2017 calender)

-3000yen Course (roughly US$30 per month)
It all covers 500yen and 1000yen courses, but I haven’t set any special menu for this course. This is simply for your kind support.


Since my production schedule is always tight, I don’t make any clear promise. However, I’d love to post some more limited contents for my supporters. Currently I’m going to post some illustrations I drew for gay magazines that I haven’t showed in my blog.

Fortunately Enty has the auto English translator. I hope it works OK. If not, please let me know.


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2017 年 1 月 1 日 Comments off

Happy New Year, folks!
Yes, it’s 2017!
Surely we will have more fun this year.

Gosh, I don’t want to say many things, but so many BAD things happened in 2016.
I really hope we’re going to have much, much, much more decent, peaceful and rational things in 2017.

P.S.. Thanks for those people dropped by at Comic Market 91. I hope everyone had a good time there 🙂


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